Program Highlights

Early Education ​Program 

Mountain Road Preschool is a nature-based registered family child care program. I provide a high quality, early education and learning prog​ram for children ages 1 year through 5 years in a small educational home environment. 

Pre-K Early Education ​Program

Mountain Road Preschool is proud to announce that it is a Prequalified Prekindergarten Education Program. I have achieved this qualification by providing a high-quality program with achieving a 4 STAR rating. This means to families of qualifying towns, a discount for their preschool child towards tuition equal to 10 hours of childcare per week. 

Outdoor Classroom

M​y Outdoor classroom is designed to promote a hands-on natural learning environment. We are outside for a large portion of the day exploring the outdoor classroom, pond, and the woods and fields on our 11 acre property.